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Kick start the season

Today we had our first workout of the 2018 season! It may look sunny and pleasant, but it was 22 degrees and breezy. Throwing the elements to the side this strong group showed up to get their workout done. We had a Tabata style workout today followed by a gentle vinyasa flow, with some sprint... Continue Reading →

At peace with chaos

What a bundle of contradictions huh?!!!! Well, it's a new thing. Today I was talking with a friend and she had sent me an IG story with the phrase "forgive yourself for not being at peace". In short, don't beat yourself up for being on edge, angry, irritated, and in the midst of the longest... Continue Reading →

Funk This ❌

So it's March. It's still in the 30 degree range and the sun is a unicorn. A few warm days just to keep you on this side of nuthouse, but not enough to keep you from really feeling February. A few friends and I coined the phrase "feeling February" about a year ago as we... Continue Reading →

Sole Recap

It's been a cold, snowy winter. In that time countless shoes have been donated, collected, and still so many looking for a home. Sole Project is officially a year old. In this first year, there has been more support, involvement and achieved than I would have ever imagined. Every penny donated has gone right back... Continue Reading →

Be heard 🖤

The last few months have been a little crazy, quite honestly the last few years since a certain election that no seems to agree on, have been a little rocky. So is life? It's not often, or ever that everyone will agree or be in favor. This is why we love where we live, in... Continue Reading →

Everything hurts and I’m dying….

The Lucky Robin

Sometimes I wonder why is this what I chose to dive head first into. Fitness is hard. Running is always hard!!! So as I write this I am still wondering what the shiplap made it seem like a good idea to wake up and complete workouts before the sun, before heading off to a full day of work. So to keep the dream less dreary, here is a list of things that I think all can relate to, that really digs deep into why we are all a little mad.

  • CONFIDENCE.As we age, or have kids, or have bad breakups we start to feel bad about ourselves. As much as we pretend he wasn’t worth it, or our spouse tells us we are beautiful after having two humans come out of your body at once, our brains are poisoned. Poisoned with the notion that we aren’t good enough, there…

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Why “impossible” should be your goal.

The Lucky Robin

A few weeks ago I completed my first Marathon, 26.2 miles of excitement, fear, smiles, and tears. I am a mom of three, a wife, and work the old 9-5. I love my family very much, but when the Dr. said “there are two heart beats!” My world was forever changed.
My husband and I decided it was time to finish having children when our oldest was five. Our oldest was a great baby, toddler and is still a tiny adult trapped in an 8 year olds body. The twins – not so much. Let’s talk real for a minute, I was overwhelmed and losing it fast! Our twins were born healthy and beautiful, blessings for which I could not be more grateful.
Fast forward two years and you haven’t slept an entire night since you can’t even remember and you start to have such ugly feelings about yourself, the…

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